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Lotus Flower Queen Size Hawaiian Style Quilt


Lotus flower design quilt. The lotus is a representation of the Divinity in human nature. It rises out of the mud and up toward the heavens. This quilted bedspread has a dark blue background with figurative lotus flowers in vivid pink with green leaves. 

Queen size measures 88" x 90" with two 26" x 20" shams and one 18" x 18" cushion cover. Due to the handmade nature of this product, quilt may vary in size +/- 2".

This quilt is hand painted in Bali by skilled artisans. The design is sketched on the fabric, then traced with hot wax that soaks into the fabric. Next, artists hand paint within the wax outline to create a unique design. This will become the top part of the quilt.

After the dye has set, the fabric is immersed in a bath of boiling water to melt out the wax. The top piece is dried and ironed. A sandwich is created with this top piece, cotton batting and a similarly sized bottom piece. Finally, a talented seamstress puts decorative stitches that echo the outline of the design.

The entire process is incredibly labor intensive. During any step, multiple things can go wrong that would require the designer to scrap the project and start over. No two pieces are exactly alike. You may see small marks outside the main body of the design where the artist has gone "outside the lines." These minor brush strokes are part of the character of each piece, and a testament to the quilt's handmade nature.